Hire a Bedbug Exterminator in Banning, Beaumont & Yucaipa, CA and Surrounding Areas

We'll keep the bedbugs from biting and remove them from your space

If you have a bedbug problem, call Ocal Pest Control right away. We'll get out to your property as soon as possible to start removing those nasty biting bugs. We rely on back-to-back steam treatments to kill and remove bedbugs effectively.

Call 951-394-2115 today to schedule an appointment with a bedbug exterminator serving Banning, CA and the Yucaipa, CA vicinity.

5 reasons to choose Ocal for bedbug treatment

5 reasons to choose Ocal for bedbug treatment

Our professional bedbug exterminator and his team can provide an effective solution to your bedbug problem. You'll appreciate our service because we:

  1. Give you a 90-day warranty
  2. Steam and wrap mattresses
  3. Set up monitors in affected areas
  4. Complete back-to-back treatments
  5. Provide fumigation services as needed

Choose Ocal Pest Control for all your bedbug removal needs. For more information about our bedbug treatment services in the Banning, CA, Beaumount, CA or Yucaipa, CA area, call today.