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Rats and mice are some of the most successful animals in the world and can figure out how to get into most structures if given the opportunity. Rats can squeeze through an area the size of a quarter. Call for a free inspection! 951.394.2115


Gophers and California ground squirrels can be a huge problem. These burrowing animals can cause major property damage by gnawing on irrigation pipes, eating roots to plants and trees and in some cases burrow under structures. Call for a free quote! 951.394.2115


Nuisance wildlife such as raccoon, opossum, skunks and squirrels can cause damage to your home and property. OCAL PEST CONTROL is licensed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife to remove these unwanted pests off your property. Call for a free inspection or quote! 951.394.2115


Bed bugs are small reddish brown insects that feed on the blood of humans. They can travel on luggage, furniture and people. The first sign of having a bed bug infestation are normally bite marks but is not always the case. Call us today to schedule a free inspection! 951.394.2115


OCAL PEST CONTROL takes care of general pests on a regular basis. We have years of experience with pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches and much more. Do it yourself methods don’t always work and can cost you more money than calling a professional. Call for a free quote! 951.394.2115



Termites and other wood destroying insects can cause major damage to your home. Swarming termites and termite pellets may be some of the first signs of termite infestations but some infestations may not be visible at all. Call us to schedule a free limited inspection! 951.394.2115

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Gabe is awesome! His dedication to customer service is as good as it gets. We now have him taking care of three properties. Highly recommend!

K. Robinson Beaumont

( Yelp )

I was desperate! I decided to reach out to Home Adviser after considering Angie's List. I am so glad I followed my instincts. Ocal Pest Control was the finest company. The professional I worked with is GABE. He showed empathy, was caring, expediency, expert, meeting the needs of the client in all aspects - going above and beyond to get the job done. I felt so terrible about the problem we had and I was working with an inflexible and tight deadline Gabe listened to my needs and my concerns. He accommodated me completely. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE... (Read more on Home Advisor)

Elizabeth T. San Jacinto, CA

( Home Advisor )

My husband and I are happy we choose Ocal Pest Control to help us with our recent termite problems. The fumigation was taken care of in a professional manner. It is not easy to move out of your house for the several days during fumigation. But, upon meeting Gabriel we felt he was knowledgeable and trustworthy. I had quite a few concerns leading up to the scheduled fumigation. Each time I left you a message your response was prompt and with the information you gave me my anxiety was less. I have recommended OCAL to my sister for termite fumigation and I feel great about that. Thank you, Rick and Vicki Armas, Arcadia Ca.

Vicki Bonilla Armas

( Facebook )

On April 16, 2015 we had the best experience with a pest control company EVER!!! We contacted OCAL and within a couple of days Gabriel came out. He was very pleasant, clean and most important, knowledgeable. His treatments were safe for our pets and most importantly for my grandchildren. With a one year contract (very reasonable fees) he will come back every quarter and treat again. And in between FOR FREE if any pests appear and re-treat. Both my wife and I would recommend OCAL to anyone with a problem with any pest. Give this company your business and you won't regret it... Read full review on Yelp)

Bruce Haapala. Beaumont, Ca

( Yelp )

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